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Do you have what it takes to be a survivor? Are you mentally prepared for wilderness survival even when there are no million dollar pots of gold up for grabs like on television's "Survivor" program? If left in the desert with no water, would you be able to survive? If stranded on a tropical island, could you find food? If tired and injured in a jungle, would you know what plants to use for herbal treatments? If cold and shivering on a stormy mountainside, would you be able to start a fire without matches and build adequate shelter? If lost in the woods, would you be able to navigate your way out of danger? If pushed to the limits of physical endurance, do you have the strength, stamina and fitness to keep going? If you answered "no" to any of these questions, you need SurvivalIQ. As your personal survival handbook, SurvivalIQ provides information, resources, strategies and techniques you need to know whether you're preparing for a back country camping trip or the Green Berets.

Survival Skills Survival Skills
This section is chock full of practical survival information for all kinds of outdoors and wilderness situations. Whether you're a future Navy Seal or a Survivor contestant wannabe, this step-by-step manual teaches the skills, information, tips and techniques employed by elite forces of the U.S. military.
Land Navigation

Land Navigation
Cartography is the art and science of expressing the known physical features of the earth graphically by maps and charts. No one knows who drew, molded, laced together, or scratched out in the dirt the first map. We do know that map reading and land navigation skills are critical to survival in a wilderness environment. Whether you're preparing to be an Army Ranger or a backpacker through the Australian outback, this handbook is filled with information you need for safety and survival in wilderness.

Survival Fitness Survival Fitness
More than anything else, a survivor must be physically and mentally fit for rigors of survival situations. Strength. Endurance. Flexibility. Agility. All of these factors affect a person's survivability in the wilderness. The survival fitness manual guides and equips you with the information you need to come out a survivor in whatever physical challenges lay ahead of you.

Survival Quick Reference

Survival Skills
Land Navigation
Survival Fitness
Introduction to Survival Training strategy Introduction to Fitness
Psychology of survival Maps Cardiorespiratory fitness
Survival planning and survival kits Marginal information and symbols Muscular endurance and strength
Basic survival medicine Grids Flexibility
Survival Shelter Scale and distance Nutrition and fitness
Water procurement Direction Environmental considerations
Firecraft Overlays Injuries
Food procurement Aerial photographs Physiological differences between the sexes
Survival use of plants Navigation equipment and methods  
Poisonous plants Elevation and relief  
Dangerous animals Terrain association  
Field-expedient tools and equipment Mounted land navigation
Desert survival Navigation in different types of terrain  
Tropical survival Unit sustainment  
Cold weather survival Field sketching  
Sea survival Map folding techniques  
Expedient water crossings Units of measure and conversion factors  
Field-expedient direction finding Joint operations graphics  
Signaling techniques Exportable training material  
Survival movement in hostile areas Orienteering  
Camouflage M2 compass  
Contact with people Additional aids  
Survival in man-made hazards Foreign maps  
Survival kits Global positioning system  
Edible and medicinal plants Precision lightweight global positioning system receiver  
Poisonous plants    
Dangerous insects and arachnids    
Poisonous snakes and lizards    
Dangerous fish and mollusks    
Clouds: foretellers of weather    
Contingency plan of action format    

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